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WCC Artisian 100mm Full Tang Draw Knife

WCC Artisian 100mm Full Tang Draw Knife

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The Woodlands cc "Artisan" 100mm Full Tang Drawknife is a very capable popular tool in our range. It boasts a razor sharp 15N20, Swedish high carbon steel blade and select Australian hardwood handle, (pictured with Queensland Spotted Gum). 

The blade is chisel ground to a zero edge at a bevel angle of 25⁰.    This little workhorse been crafted from a single piece of steel in a full tang style, which makes for a very robust and controllable tool.  The handles were constructed in such a way, that the steel part fully extends into the handle profile and is sandwiched between two beautiful Australian hardwood scales both sides, this makes for a very strong construction. 

Your new drawknife comes with a "AA" plywood sheath that fits the blade well and held securely in place by a wooden pin. This insures a high degree of safety for both your bade and fingers alike.

This sturdy nickel alloy has been heat treated to a hardness of 60-61 HRC, which I find to be the "sweet spot" to get the most out of this awesome old-school steel grade, providing the perfect balance between hardness/edge retention and durability. 

Please note:  Each and every blade that leaves our workshop receives the same heat treatment (*specific to each steel grade in question*) and testing procedure. Regardless of how small or large the blade size or batch quantity.

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