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Woodlands cc "Artisan" Detailing Knife

Woodlands cc "Artisan" Detailing Knife

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The Woodlands cc "Artisan" 35mm detailing knife is a small, but very capable little knife in our range. It's perfect to get in close up to those intricate, fine details in your design. It boasts a razor sharp 15N20, Swedish high carbon steel blade and select Australian hardwood handle, (pictured with Blackbutt timber). 

This beautifully crafted, ergonomically designed handle allows for a safe and very comfortable grip. It will index in most grip styles, so you'll always feel where the edge is facing, making each cut more accurate and as safe as possible. A pleasure to use even on those long afternoon carving sessions. The handle shape matches the blade size, both in aesthetics and functionality, making this nimble little cutter a pleasure to use, even in smaller hands.

The blade is flat scandi ground to a zero edge at a bevel angle of 25⁰ (inclusive) 12.5⁰ on either side, with a rounded spine for a comfortable thumb rest. This sturdy nickel alloy has been heat treated to a hardness of 60-61 HRC, which I find to be the "sweet spot" to get the most out of this awesome old-school steel grade, providing the perfect balance between hardness/edge retention and durability. 

Please note:  Each and every blade that leaves our workshop receives the same heat treatment (*specific to each steel grade in question*) and testing procedure. Regardless of how small or large the blade size or batch quantity.

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