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Woodlans cc "Artisan" DIY 75mm Sloyd Knife Making Kit

Woodlans cc "Artisan" DIY 75mm Sloyd Knife Making Kit

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The Woodlands cc "Artisan" 75mm DIY Sloyd Knife Making Kit is a fun project for people with all skill levels, wanting to dip their toes in the art of knife customisation. This kit includes all the components you need to make a fine woodworking tool of your own, just add some epoxy adhesive and a couple of clamps for glue up.

The blade provided in this complete package is the same we use in our 75mm Artisan Sloyd Knives, heat treated, sharp, ready to go. The two handle scales in this kit are designed to take the headache out of assembly and blade alignment. We achieved this with our unique, alignment pin system and precision milled cavities that fit the tang portion precisely and with ease without the need for vast woodworking experience. 

No need to struggle to drill a long, straight hole right down the center of the handle. Its all been taken care of with our alignment system.

Please note; assembly instructions will be provides with every purchase.

The 75mm Sloyd blade is crafted from15N20, Swedish high carbon steel  and the handle scales are select Australian hardwood, (pictured with Blackbutt timber).

The blade is flat scandi ground to a zero edge at a bevel angle of 25⁰ (inclusive) 12.5⁰ on either side, with a roundespine for a comfortable thumb rest. This sturdy nickel alloy has been heat treated to a hardness of 60-61 HRC, which I find to be the "sweet spot" to get the most out of this awesome old-school steel  grade, providing the perfect balance between hardness/edge retention and durability. 

Please note:  Each and every blade that leaves our workshop receives the same heat treatment (*specific to each steel grade in question*) and testing procedure. Regardless of how small or large the blade size or batch quantity...Yes...Even our DIY Kit Blades...No compromise.

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